1 BBL Brewing System | The Pilot Pro (with Basic Controls)
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  • 1 bbl brewing system oversized 57 gallon hot liquor tank
  • 1 bbl brewing system mash tun with false bottom and grain chute
  • 1 bbl brewing system brew kettle
  • 1 bbl brewing system with built in counterflow wort chiller
  • 1 bbl brewing system with built in sight glass
  • 1 bbl brewing system thermometer
  • 1 bbl brewing system motor
  • 1 bbl brewing system flow meter
  • 1 bbl brewing system hard piping for easy cleaning
  • 1 barrel brewing system advanced touch screen
  • list of the features of our 1 bbl brewing system The Pilot Pro
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1 BBL Brewing System | The Pilot Pro (with Basic Controls)


More Professional Grade Features than any other 1 BBL Brewing System


We have taken 1 bbl brewing to a whole new level with our 3 vessel, 1 barrel hard piped brewing system.  An ideal pilot system for existing or expanding micro breweries, nano breweries, and serious home brewers, this professional-grade nano brewhouse has more pro-grade features than any other 1 bbl brewhouse on the market.  


WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about the benefits of having a Pilot System in your brewery.

Want to finance this 1 bbl brewing system?  We Have Brewery Financing Options. 


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  • Heat Brew Kettle Starting At <6 Gal
  • Extra Large HLT
  • Elements Spread Out To Prevent Wort Scorching
  • Float Switches Protect Elements From Dry Firing
  • Bottom Outlets On Kettles For Complete Drainage And Easier Cleanup
  • Built-In GFCI Circuitry for Personal Protection Included (1 or 3 phase; reducing installation cost)
  • Conical Bottom On Brew Kettle For Better Trub Separation and Fast Cleanup
  • Trub Dam In Brew Kettle For Better Trub Separation During Whirlpool
  • Heat BK And HLT Simultaneously (if adequate amperage is available)
  • Advanced Touch Screen Controls Option
  • Flow Meter Option (with Advanced Touch Screen Controls)
  • Diaphragm Valve Included For Wort Flow Control
  • Ball Valves For Precise Water Flow Control
  • HERMS Coil To Provide More BTU's Of Heat Transfer To Mash
  • Tangential Inlet On HLT Prevents Thermal Stratification
  • 45% Head Space in the Brew Kettle
  • Elements are Quickly and Easily Removed for Cleaning via Sanitary Tri-Clamp Connections
  • Condenser Option Eliminates Need For Expensive Hood Vent
  • 3 Phase Power Option

The Pilot Pro is a one of a kind 1 bbl brewing system that includes all of the following professional grade brewing features:

  • 57 gallon hot liquor tank
  • 40 gallon mash tun with side manway
  • 45 gallon brew kettle with tangential inlet and conical bottom
  • Temperature can be precisely controlled with a built-in HERMS coil
  • Choose from Advanced or Basic UL/cUL listed electrical controls with 11kW heat per kettle
  • All stainless steel brew stand with wheels
  • All stainless steel counterflow wort chiller
  • Hard piping for easy cleaning
  • Convenient bracket for user controls (power module mounts onto the side of the unit)
  • Kettles have clamp down lids with 3" ports for cleaning via CIP if desired (spray ball sold separately) and 1.5" ports for venting while cleaning
  • Diaphragm valve on wort pump outlet to control flow during vorlauf and knockout.
  • Water and wort drains for easy cleaning
  • All sanitary butterfly and diaphragm valves in wort pipes
  • Check wort clarity with inline sight glass at mash tun vorlauf inlet
  • Monitor wort temperature exiting the HERMS coil
  • Water-to-wort bypass allows brewer to chase wort out of the HERMS coil and wort chiller to minimize brewing losses and make cleaning faster and easier

57 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank Features:

  • Large 57 gallon capacity to eliminate top ups on most brews
  • HERMS coil, 52' L x 5/8" OD to perform step mashes or maintain mash tun temperature
  • Tangential inlet to prevent thermal stratification
  • Upper water inlet with 1/2" NPT connection
  • Sight glass
  • Drain on bottom of kettle for full drainage (1"TC)
  • (2) 1.5" TC ports for elements; (1) 1.5" TC port for float switch, (1) thermowell

40 Gallon Mash Tun Features:

  • Rectangular side manway for easy grain out
  • False bottom
  • (3) Upper recirculation fittings
  • Drain on bottom of kettle for full drainage (1.5" TC)
  • Thermowell

45 Gallon Brew Kettle Features:

  • Tangential inlet (whirlpool)
  • 150° conical bottom for optimal whirlpooling performance
  • 2.5" tall trub dam for optimal whirlpooling performance
  • 1"TC wort outlet
  • 1.5"TC center drain for easy cleanup
  • Sight glass
  • (2) 1.5" TC ports for elements; (1) 1.5" TC port for float switch, (1) thermowell

Superior Controls (3 options to choose from)

Engineered controls deliver consistent brewing temperatures and higher quality brews.  The controls can run up to 22,000 watts, making double batching possible.  The electric elements adjust anywhere from 0 to 100%, giving you complete control of the brewing process.  The heat is spread out to avoid scorching the tri-clamp elements, which can be easily removed for cleaning.  All of our controls protect elements from burnout by automatically cutting power when the liquid level drops too low.

Choose from Advanced or Pro Basic Control Options

  • 12-inch Touch Screen with Advanced Controls includes a touch screen interface that allows you to operate the elements and pumps with the touch of a finger, utilize an ultrasonic optional flow meter to deliver a precise amount of hot liquor to the HLT, save recipe parameters, automatically start and stop the hot liquor tank at set times, track mash temperatures, and even provide remote control via your smartphone, tablet or computer.  The advanced controls also provide the ability to start the HLT before you brew.  Walk in to hot water in the HLT.
  • 7-inch Touch Screen with Advanced Controls (same features as outlined above)
  • Basic Controls provide the same quality of temperature control and element heat control with fewer bells and whistles at a lower price point.  You will brew quality beer with this simple-to-use panel. 

Safety First

Like all of our brewing equipment, this 1 bbl electric pilot brewing system is designed to protect the brewer’s safety.  Our GFCI are the safest in the industry, and will break at around 5 mA within 1/40th of a second.  Don’t take chances with safety.  The GFCI protection is separate for each element to avoid a complete system shutdown in the event of a detected fault. 

Sanitary Fittings

This system provides welded tri clamp connections for easy cleaning and quick connections.  Wort piping includes sanitary butterfly and diaphragm valves which do not require disassembly for cleaning.  Spend less time cleaning, and more time brewing.

Hard Piping Provides Convenient Brewing

  • Avoid stuck mashes and achieve desired knockout temperatures by using the sanitary diaphragm valve on the wort pump
  • Monitor wort clarity with inline sight glass at mash tun vorlauf inlet
  • Monitor wort temperature exiting the HERMS coil
  • Built-in counter-flow 100% stainless steel wort chiller provides convenient cooling after you whirlpool
  • Increase wort yield and make cleanup easier with our water-to-wort bypass to chase wort out of the HERMS coil and wort chiller

Pumping System Features:

  • 2 Custom made upgraded stainless chugger pumps; 1 for water and 1 for wort
  • TEFC motors, true TC fittings (not adapters), magnetically driven, no seals, 1/8 HP
  • Wort pump is fed by the mash tun for vorlauf, HERMS recirculation, and runoff.  It is also fed by the brew kettle for whirlpooling and knocking out through the built-in wort chiller
  • Water pump delivers water from HLT to mash tun for strike-in and sparge or recirculates water back into the HLT to prevent thermal stratification

Electric Specifications:

  • Voltage:  208 or 240
  • Phase:  Single or three
  • Circuit size:  50A – 125A (depends on phase and interlocks)

Door-to-door Shipping

Like all of our brewhouses, we offer door-to-door shipping.  This 1 bbl brewhouse will be securely crated and shipped directly to you (liftgate service needed).  Control panel shipped separately. 

Dimensions:  33.5" W x 92" L x 71" H

*Pricing is subject to change without notice.