15 Gallon Brew Kettle (with Tangential Inlet and Sight Glass)
  • BK15TI-SG-Front View
  • BK15TI-SG-Bottom
  • BK15TI-SG-Thermowell
  • BK15TI-SG-Tangential inlet
  • BK15TI-SG-Thermometer
  • BK15TI-SG-Handle
  • BK15TI-SG-Sanitary Fitting
  • BK15TI-SG-Inside
  • BK15TI-SG-Up close
  • BK15TI-SG-Valves

15 Gallon Brew Kettle (with Tangential Inlet and Sight Glass)


No one wants trub in their fermenter as this can cause "off flavors" in your beer.  We have designed this 15 gallon brew kettle to use a whirlpool effect just as in professional breweries. A tangential inlet is used to create the whirlpool as you pump from the wort outlet and back in through the tangential inlet. This causes trub and hops to gather into a cone on the bottom of the kettle.


This particular 15 gallon brew kettle also features a dish bottom to facilitate this whirlpool effect more efficiently and leave more trub and hops behind.

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BK15TI-SG (80) 

Price: $517.65

Estimated Availability: October 30, 2019

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