Equipment for Brewing and Fermenting 5 to 6 Gallon Batches of beer.  Size reflects the number of gallons made, not the physical size of the brewing equipment.

Industry-Leading Features

Our 15-gallon conical fermenters feature several perks. They’re easy to clean and contain sanitary fittings and hardware, while also boasting 304 stainless steel.


These 15-gallon brewing systems provide an ideal solution for home breweries and professional microbreweries. Don’t rely on a system that doesn’t hold as much beer—you’ll need a hefty supply to meet high demand, whether you’re a home brewer or have your own craft beer store.


We’ve helped hundreds of brewers start their own nanobreweries and microbreweries, and we can help you with our 15 gallon conical fermenters and brewing systems. Order yours from Stout Tanks and Kettles today!

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