20 Gallon Brewing System (Direct Fire)
  •  20 Gallon System Direct Fire
  • HL20TW-LL (2623)
  • BK20TW-TI-LL (111)
  • MT20TW-RF-BO (468)
  • Laser etched level markings
  • SP12SA
  • sp1isg-sh
  • CF20TW-FRZ
  • CF20TW-WH
  • MT20TW-RF-BO-INS. (469)
  • HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI. (362)
  • SP1/2HB-90

20 Gallon Brewing System (Direct Fire)

SKU 20Gal-Direct

This premium 304 stainless steel 20 Gallon Direct Fire Brewing System starts at $2927.  This three vessel brewhouse is designed specifically for established micro breweries looking for a pilot brewing system and for serious home brewers who want the professional brewing experience in their home.  This 20 gallon brewing system has all of the features and versatility that you would find in a commercial system.

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For a commercial brewery, this system gives the brewer the most control over the variables of the brewing process, resulting in the most accurate representation of the recipe brewed on a larger system.  It’s a great way to make test batches without committing to a large volume of product.  We also offer similar systems in other sizes.

For the avid home brewer, this system gives the brewer a chance to employ the methods and mechanics used in a commercial brewery on a homebrew scale to make great beers at home. 

  • 20 gallon kettles for brewing 15 gallons of beer
  • Hot liquor tank with tangential recirculation inlet and *optional HERMS coil
  • Mash tun with bottom drain valve or *optional insulated mash tun
  • Brew kettle with tangential inlet, laser level markings and dish bottom

This system is intended for direct fire brewing. Contact us for pricing on a full turnkey system including elements, control panel, and pumps.

Benefits of the system:

  • Hit desired mash temperatures every time with *optional extra large 5/8" HERMS coil 
  • Avoid HLT temperature stratification using tangential recirculation inlet
  • Quick and easy cleanup via bottom drain outlet
  • Whirlpool in the kettle for excellent wort clarity
  • Mirror polish on interior and exterior of tanks for easy cleaning and a great look

20 Gallon Direct Fire System Starting at $2927


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