30 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Laser Level Markings (Electric)
  • BK30TW-TI-LL-EL2-LS1 (127)
  • BK30TW-TI-LL-EL2-LS1 Valve
  • BK30TW-TI-LL-EL2-LS1 Laser Level Markings

30 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Laser Level Markings (Electric)


This 30 gallon electric brew kettle includes one of our latest design improvements:  laser level markings on the inside instead of a more expensive sight glass.  These laser level markings are located inside the brew kettle and measure gallons in 2 gallon increments.


100% Sanitary  |  Easy to Clean  |  Built to Last

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BK30TW-TI-LL-EL2-LS1 (127) 

Price: $684.00

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