30 Gallon Brewing System (Direct Fire)
  • 30 Gallon System Direct Fire
  • BK30TW-TI-LL (2675
  • HL30TW-LL
  • MT30TW-RF-BO (476)
  • HL30TW-TI-RHC-LL-EL2-LS1 (374)
  • CF27TW-FRZ
  • SP12SA
  • sp1isg-sh
  • CF27TW-WH
  • SP1/2HB-90
  • burner mount
  • BS30-45
  • Laser Level Markings
  • SP1/2HB-90

30 Gallon Brewing System (Direct Fire)

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This premium 304 stainless steel 30 Gallon Direct Fire System Starts at $3892.  This Stout Tanks three vessel brewhouse is designed specifically for established breweries looking for a pilot system and for home brewers who want the most professional setup on the market. These kettles have all of the features and versatility that you would find in a commercial system.

Benefits of this brewing system:

  • Hit desired mash temperatures every time with extra large 5/8" HERMS coil 
  • Avoid HLT temperature stratification using tangential recirculation inlet
  • Quick and easy cleanup via bottom drain outlets
  • Whirlpool in the kettle for excellent wort clarity
  • Mirror polish on interior and exterior of tanks for easy cleaning and and a great look

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For a commercial brewery, this system gives the brewer the most control over the variables of the brewing process, resulting in the most accurate representation of the recipe brewed on a larger system.  It’s a great way to make test batches without committing to a large volume of product.  We also offer similar systems in other sizes.

For the avid home brewer, this system gives the brewer a chance to employ the methods and mechanics used in a commercial brewery on a homebrew scale to make great beers at home. 

  • 34 gallon kettles for brewing 30 gallons of beer
  • Hot liquor tank with *optional HERMS coil and tangential recirculation inlet
  • Mash tun with upper 1.5" Tri-Clamp Recirculation Fitting and bottom outlet
  • Brew kettle with tangential inlet, thermowell and laser level markings

This system is intended for electric brewing. Contact us for pricing on a full turnkey system including elements, control panel, and pumps.

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