503-372-9580 --- Email: support@stouttanks.com
503-372-9580 --- Email: support@stouttanks.com

Brewery Chilling Equipment

Stout Tanks and Kettles provides chilling equipment for our commercial nano- and micro- brewery packages.

For chilling equipment, one size does NOT fit all!  We work with you to determine the environment and parameters of your brewery so we can recommend wort chillers and glycol chillers that will work for your brewery both at startup and in the future as you expand. 

An undersized chilling system will result in real frustration and consistency problems with your beer.  An oversized chilling system will be inefficient and increase your day to day operating costs.  We help you find the optimum configuration to minimize up front costs and maximize long term effectiveness and efficiency.

Industry Leading Brands Represented:

  • Thermaline
  • Pro Refrigeration