Hop Backs

Infuse Hop Character

What is a hop back?  One of the most versatile vessels you can have in your brewery.  Limited only by the imagination and needs of the brewer, hop backs are a necessary addition to any active nano brewery, micro brewery or brewhouse.  Here are some examples of how brewers have used hop backs in their breweries over the years: 


  • Hop back - whole flower hops during hot side knockout
  • Infuser - used either during hot or cold side applications using spices,coffee, fruit, blending; this vessel can be purged and contents scrubbed with CO2 to reduce dissolved oxygen pickup.  Hop Backs are used to infuse that amazing hop character you find in many IPAs and Pale Ales.
  • Yeast Brink - Give this vessel a good clean and remove the false bottom; fill it with yeast and use it similar to any other brink 
  • Cider Back Sweetening - Fill with your desired amount of backsweetening; scrub with CO2 and purge the vessel; Use the pressure to transfer to a tank of Cider.
  • CIP - Have you ever needed a vessel to hold caustic or sanitizer while running a CIP loop; Not advised at pressure since certain chemicals are impacted by CO2 but this tank can be a great reservoir during CIP.

Hop backs give your beer fresh hop nose and flavor without significantly affecting bitterness.  They are a great way to improve the flavor and character of your brews. 1/2 oz. of hops per gallon of wort will generally provide a big hop character (actual results depend on your hops and your brewing processes). We recommend putting your hops in a nylon or muslin bag to keep them in the hop back and out of your wort chiller or fermenter.


Like all of our products, our hop backs are made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel, and are made using sanitary fittings and hardware.  Many sizes and options are possible, so if you don't see the size you want, please contact us with your custom needs.