Wedge Wire / Slotted False Bottom (for 965mm Diameter Mash Tuns)
  • V-wire false bottom
  • V-wire false bottom (2 piece design)

Wedge Wire / Slotted False Bottom (for 965mm Diameter Mash Tuns)


Improve efficiency and lautering speed with our wedgewire false bottom.  The term “wedge wire” means that the top of the false bottom has very thin slits for water to pass through, but the wires narrow (so the space widens) downward, better facilitating flow of the wort. Many false bottoms in small scale mash tuns are domed - this one features a flat shape, which means there will be an even grain bed depth within the kettle. Compared to a perforated false bottom, the smaller, longer shape of the gaps in the false bottom mean that fewer grain particles will slip through the gaps.

2 piece wedge wire / slotted false bottom for 965mm diameter mash tuns (typically, our 4 and 5 bbl mash tuns).

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FB965BO-VWIRE (1145-2)

Price: $1,020.49

Estimated Availability: May 26, 2020

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  • Overall Diameter:  940mm;
  • Height: 60mm.  In 2 sections.  
  • Each section has handles for lifting.  
  • Used on the MT165 and MT200 mash tuns.