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An Overview of Peristaltic Pumps

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What are Peristaltic Pumps?

Peristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump – they are excellent sanitary pumps for beverage applications because they allow you to precisely measure the amount you pump, are easier on the product than other types of pumps

How do they work?

Peristaltic pumps work on the same principle as muscles that move food inside living beings. Rollers squeeze a tube in a repeating pattern to pull and push the material through tubing.

What Are the Benefits to Using These Pumps?

You are able to dose precise amounts of liquid using a flow meter and peristaltic pump – for example: if you want to pump 8 gallons of liquid simply turn the pump on until 8 gallons is dispensed and then turn it off – no backflow to deal with and precise pumping every time.

  • Purgeable – you can purge oxygen from the pump to only allow inert gas or CO2 to contact your product.
  • Sanitary – only the internal hose touches the product being pumped.
  • Closed loop – peristaltic pumps isolate the product in a closed loop so it isn’t exposed to air, potential contamination and/or oxygen.

Why choose peristaltic over centrifugal?

Both stainless centrifugal and peristaltic pumps have sanitary design but where precise measurements are required, nothing beats a peristaltic pump.

  1.  Peristaltic pumps are self-priming so they can be a great choice where priming isn’t possible.  
  2.  Reduce shear on your product – peristaltic pumps are gentler on produce and can reduce shear.



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