Cold Brew Coffee


There are two ways to make cold brew coffee.  The traditional way is to immerse the beans in cold water and let time work its magic passively. The new way is active extraction; moving water through the beans to actively to extract the flavor compounds from the beans.  On the larger scales of commercial coffee production, it just makes sense to move to active extraction to save time, labor and space and to improve the consistency and flavor of your product. The BrewBomb X-45 Brewer and BrewBomb X-60 Brewer are commercial cold brew coffee makers that use a exciting new technology.

The Brew Bomb is a cold brew system

Benefits of Active Extraction:

  • Faster  = Brew a complete batch of cold brew (up to 100 gallons) in as little as 2 hours.
  • Higher Volume = Brew double or triple batches in every shift for hundreds of gallons in 8 hours. If you work multiple shifts, you can double or triple your capacity in a single day.
  • Tastes Better = Design the cold brew extraction specifically for the flavor profile of your beans. For every roast, you can adjust the grind size, the flow rate, and the extraction time to find your perfect cold brew flavor.
  • More Consistent Flavor = Once you define your preferred flavor profile, you can replicate the batch every time. Create a consistent product time after time.
  • Eliminate Filtration = The coffee acts as its own filter bed, trapping all of the particulates in the grounds, keeping it out of the brew.  Eliminate the expensive and time consuming step of filtering your cold brew before kegging
  • Less Labor = The BrewBomb is designed to make spent grounds handling a breeze. Drop the spent grounds into the compost bin as easily as dropping a napkin in the trash.
  • Less Space = The BrewBomb takes up less than 20 sq. feet of space.
  • Flexibility = Make large batches or small, depending on your needs.

How it works:

  • Choose your roast and grind size.  Unlike the immersion cold brew coffee method, you can grind all the way down to fine or very fine particle size if you prefer.
  • Place your chosen grind into the BrewBomb.
  • Connect your water source.
  • Use the control panel to choose your remembered brew profile, or enter the parameters of your brew, including flow rates, and anticipated brew time.
  • Adjust the spray nozzle to get optimum extraction pattern.
  • Start brewing.
  • Monitor the cold brew for your brew parameters and flavor, until you are done.
  • Dispose of grinds, clean and repeat the brew.


Immersion Tanks.

If you prefer the traditional immersion method of cold brewing coffee, Stout Tanks and Kettles has a number of options for you, from 30 gallon batches up to 300 gallon batches.  Every brewer has their own personal preferences for immersion brewing process.  We can provide cold brew coffee equipment with false bottoms to help filter out the first stage of coffee grounds, or we can provide a conical fermentation tank that allow grounds to settle to the bottom of the tank.  We can provide tanks with insulation to maintain constant temperature, or we can provide glycol jacketed fermentation tanks that will allow you actively manage the temperature of your tanks to keep your cold brew at your exact temperature.


We can also provide pressure rated tanks that allow you to start the nitrogenation process.  Our pressure rated brite tanks and jacketed conical fermenters are designed to accept nitrogen under pressure at cold temperatures which allows your cold brew to nitrogenate more quickly.  Most brewers finish nitrogenating in kegs, which we can also provide.

Take a look at some of our other commercial cold brew coffee equipment.

Cold Brew equipment

As a coffee roaster or café owner, it is up to you to manage the variables in your coffee to create the perfect cold brew recipe.  The variables include: Origin of coffee Roasting style Grind size Water temperature…