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Choosing the Right Malt Mill For Your Brewery

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Grain mills (also known as malt mills) are essential for commercial brewers looking to improve the quality and freshness of their beer. Milling your own grains means you have the freshest flavor for your beer.  Choosing the right malt mill means finding one that is durable, gives you complete control over your crush settings, and will last many years. No two brewspaces are exactly the same and there is no single malt mill that fits all needs. We offer various malt mill options to set your brewery up for success, no matter what your situation.  

Jimboney Malt Mill 

The Jimboney Malt Mill is our smaller scale grain mill. It’s ideal for brewers using 1bbl, 3bbl and 5bbl brewing systems. It’s designed for manual transfer of grist from the mill to the mash tun.  This malt mill will help you save money by allowing you to purchase more affordable unmilled grain in bulk, and mill just the right amount for each batch.  

Jiimboney malt mill


  • 20lbs per minute crushing rate
  • 50lb hopper capacity
  • Mounted on an enclosed cabinet to contain dust as much as possible, with room for a large bucket or other container to catch the grist underneath the hopper. Grist is manually moved to mash tun.  
  • 3 diamond knurled, case hardened rollers
  • Belt drive
  • Made in the USA

The Jimboney Malt Mill comes with standard and explosion-proof wiring options.  Some municipalities require explosion proof wiring in any area with grain dust as a safety matter.  

Model Options:

Jimboney Malt Mill  = Standard motors and wiring.  Most cost effective grain mill. 

Jimboney Malt Mill-EXP = Includes Explosion Proof motors and wiring which is required by many building codes.


Stout Tanks Malt Mill 

Our Stout Tanks Malt Mill is our more advanced grain mill, ideal for use with 5bbl, 7bbl, 10bbl, and 15bbl brewhouses. It’s designed to be used with an auger or a chain conveyer. An auger adapter is included with a slide gate, allowing you to control the flow of grain into the auger or conveyor. Our unique, adjustable, hardened 3-roller design provides an excellent crush for any grain varietal.  


  • 30lbs per minute crushing rate 
  • 100 pound hopper capacity with large 24 x 24 opening (will keep up with the speed requirements of almost any microbrewery)
  • (Alignment issue with bullets) Mounted on a durable, power-coated, open-metal frame for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 3 diamond knurled, case hardened rollers 
  • Meant for use with Auger or Chain Conveyor
  • Direct gear-drive system. No pulleys
  • Made in the USA

The Stout Malt Mill comes with standard and explosion-proof wiring options.  Some municipalities require explosion proof wiring in any area with grain dust as a safety matter.  

Model Options:

Stout Tanks Malt Mill = includes auger adapter

Stout Tanks Malt Mill-EXP = includes auger adapter and explosion proof motor


Diamond Knurled Rollers Designed to “Crack” Grain

All of our malt mills have three diamond-knurled rollers that have been case hardened in high heat to 60 Rockwell of hardness. The third roller is completely adjustable, providing absolute control over your grain and the same quality as some of the largest mills at a price smaller craft breweries can afford. Compared to other mills with softer rollers, our custom-made mills are extremely durable and will last many years of use with your all grain brewing system. 

The knurls are sized and shaped to ensure a good “crack” every time, but not grind the grain to flour. If the grain is ground, crushed or pulverized too much, it will turn into flour, creating a muddy mess in your mash tun, potentially resulting in a stuck mash, low extraction, and poor clarity. A bad crack can also release too many fines into your mash, altering the pH of your wort, and releasing tannins from the husk, potentially leading to off flavor extraction.


Malt mills play a very important role in the quality and consistency of your brewing process. We can work within your space and specific needs to help you find the right malt mill for your brewery. Give us a call or send us an email to talk about customization options. Let’s get you brewing!

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