Keg Washer

Clean Up to 40 Kegs an Hour!

Load the kegs, press START and walk away.  The keg washer will do the rest.  Our 2 station semi-automatic keg washers will allow you to clean 2 kegs simultaneously,allowing you to clean up to 40 kegs and hour.  Spend less time cleaning your kegs, and more time filling them with delicious craft brew.


The flexible software con­trols give the brewer the option of customizing the cleaning regimen per keg type, which will help to maximize throughput and cleanliness.   You can also control the final keg pressure. A peristaltic sani­tizer pump ensures that every keg is sanitized and ready for reuse.

Our 2 Head Semi Automated Keg Washers provide the following features and benefits:

  • Compact footprint: 41" Wide x 30" Deep. (The Control Panel extends the width 13" on the right side)
  • UL and cUL Listed Control Panel with Touch Screen Control
  • Cleans two kegs simultaneously for up to 40 keg/hr throughput (operator and parameter dependent)
  • Software controls provide wide range of flexibility - all key cleaning parameters are software controlled including timing
  • Save parameters per keg type (user defines each desired keg type)
  • Automated system pressure monitor - unusual pressures will trigger stop
  • Set desired final CO2 pressure using software control (pressure monitor verifies pressure is reached)
  • Level sensor in caustic tank prevents element burnout due to low liquid level
  • Clean and rinse keg spear with low flow operation via speed controlled caustic pump and low flow water inlet
  • Pause and restart function included
  • Ensure every keg is sanitized via peristaltic sanitizer pump
  • Automated caustic temperature control (software controlled parameter setting) Keg counter tracks the number of kegs cleaned per session