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We try to answer all emails promptly (within a day), but we aren't always successful.  Frankly, it seems like you sometimes all conspire to send your emails all in the same day, leaving us sweating over our keyboards trying to catch up. Meanwhile, the dog demands we throw her now-naked tennis ball and barks until we do.  So, if we don't get back to you in a week (or sooner if its urgent), we may have thrown up our arms in despair and run to our kitchen to check on our latest ferment.  We won't feel bad if you send another email gently reminding us that we haven't answered you yet.

It is also possible you typed in your email wrong the first time, and we did answer, and you never got it.

Phone: (503) 372-9580

Address: 16300 Southwest 72nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97224