Cold Brew Equipment

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Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Equipment

All of our commercial cold brew coffee equipment is designed exclusively for large cold brew coffee production.  These cold brew systems are engineered using premium virgin 304 stainless steel, allowing you to make large quantities of cold brew coffee with ease.   How is cold brew different from regular coffee?  Unlike regular coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat and therefore produces a smoother, less acidic coffee drink.


Whether you are currently a coffee roaster who needs to add a cold coffee tank to your roastery, or a cold brew coffee lover with dreams of opening your own cool coffee shop, we have the brewing equipment and expertise to help get you there.  

Introducing the Brew Bomb - An Innovative Cold Brew SystemThe Brew Bomb is a commercial cold brew coffee maker that will give you faster brewing and more consistent cold brew coffee flavors.

The Brew Bomb X-45 Brewer and Brew Bomb X-60 Brewer deliver commercial quantities of Cold Brew Coffee brewed to precise standards.  Inspired by the Kyoto Drip Method - This extraction method can yield up to 15% more cold brew for the same amount of ground coffee.


The innovative design of the Brew Bomb X-45 and the Brew Bomb X-60 commercial cold brew coffee maker provide the coffee brewer with complete control over the brewing variables, delivering the ability to craft unique brews and control consistency in every batch.  


With an extremely versatile batch capacity of 2.5  to 80 gallons, 10 to 200 liters, and brew cycles as short as 2 hours.

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