Kombucha Brewing Vessel called the Symbiosis Fermenter is used for commerical kombucha production


Brewing Kombucha

While Kombucha has been around for thousands of years, it has only gained momentum in recent years. The world is waking up to the health benefits of this tangy pro-biotic beverage.  With a growing trend of people wanting to be healty, and consume organic products, there is no better time than now to get into the business of brewing Kombucha.   The time is right to start formulating a plan to scale and grow your commercial kombucha business.

Ferment the Healthiest Kombucha Possible

Our kombucha brewing equipment is specifically designed to ferment the healthiest kombucha possible.  Brew kombucha batches large enough to bring the healthy pro-biotic benefits to more people.  Brewing kombucha is not easy.  Fermenting with both yeast and bacteria in symbiosis is complicated.  The bacteria in your SCOBY require oxygen.  The yeast don’t.  Different bacteria are more active and productive at different temperatures. Favoring some strains over others can change the flavor and complexion of your kombucha.


To get the right culture in your fermentation, you have to provide the right temperature, the right aeration, and the right environment, and be consistent every time.  We have discovered the many ways to provide your SCOBY the best fermentation environment possible with temperature control systems, both open-top and closed-top fermenters, aeration ports to provide oxygen right where your bacteria need it, and the right proportions of depth to surface area to make both your yeast and your bacteria feel at home while they ferment. The result is the best kombucha possible, in batches large enough to share with the world. 

Get More Control over the Fermentaion Process

Our kombucha fermenters are designed to provide you with a range of options to control the temperature in your kombucha system from start to finish, including electric, direct fire and steam boiling systems.  We can also design a glycol cooling system to keep your kombucha at the perfect temperature through all stages of fermentation no matter what the climate does.  You can specify an infusion system to flavor your kombucha with botanicals or fruits to provide the perfect finish.  Our brite tanks will allow you to carbonate without creating the wrong alcohol by volume.  We can show you how to provide the right flavor and carbonation without worrying about bottle bombs or illegal ABV.



Benefits of using our Kombucha Fermenters?

  • They are commercial grade, capable of brewing large batches.
  • They are made from premium quality 304 stainless steel.
  • The sanitary welds and connections help keep out the bad bacteria, which can ruin your SCOBY.
  • Our temperature control systems provide the perfect environment for healthy SCOBY.
  • We have a dedicated customer support team that will be with you every step of the way.



Superior Quality Kombucha Equipment

We offer both batch and continuous fermenting systems ideal for commercial kombucha production. We specialize in ensuring temperature control with a sanitary thermowell with thermometer, butterfly valves for easy cleaning and maintenance, and commercial clean-in-place (CIP) systems to make cleaning easy. Some of our fermenters include heavy duty casters and wheels to make your SCOBY mobile.


Using a tank designed specifically for fermenting kombucha, you will effectively be able to manage the symbiosis of the yeast and bacteria culture.  You can custom order a range of conical and flat-bottom fermenters to hold more kombucha within the confines of your facility while meeting the needs of both the yeast and the bacteria. 



Produce Kombucha at a Commercial Level

We understand how to scale fermentation. We have spent decades fermenting in home kitchens, and then began designing equipment to ferment at larger scales.  We know how to take a 1 gallon batch you start on your stove top, convert to a 1 barrel home-brew system, and then scale that into a 10 barrel commercial brew and fermentation system.  We understand the energy balance of heating your tea hot enough to steep and dissolve your sugars, and how to bring the temperature down to where your SCOBY is comfortable, and maintain the right temperature for the kind of fermentation you want throughout the entire fermentation process.


Storing and Distributing your Kombucha

In addition to offering superior quality kombucha brewing equipment, we have a full line of kegs in all sizes, which will make distributing your kombucha easy.  Your kegs can be embossed with your brand and logo at the factory, or with your name in a matter of days if you need kegs in a hurry.  





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