Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnects are used to provide a fast and easy connection and disconnection.  Also known as quick connects or quick release couplings, these fittings are found in all industries.


Here are a few additional tips for use:

  • Great for use when doing acid under pressure cleans of brite tanks (always remember PPE)
  • Sturdy but budget friendly so replacement is easy and backups can be kept on site
  • Great for any gas connections from gas supplies to Brite/Serving tanks, Kegs, numerous brewery equipment
  • Added check valve for safety to help prevent walking into your cooler as a high CO2 environment
  • Can easily be combined with the proper 1/4"TC fittings to bring gases to many pieces of equipment such as filters, centrifuges, canning lines, just about any need in the brewery
  • When matched to any pressurized vessel, brite, keg etc. and with sturdy and sanitary braided hosing you can use the connections to infuse liquids without O2 pickup such as:
    • Finings
    • Coffees
    • Syrups
    • Clear Fruit Concentrates
    • Tinctures of spices

NOTE: When injecting sticky items such as the fruits, syrups and finings proper cleaning is definitely important.