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Elevate your homebrew game with our pro-grade equipment.

We all dream of brewing that perfect beer to share with our friends and family. At Stout Tanks and Kettles, our mission is to help you make that dream come true with the best brewing equipment possible for your home. We engineer professional grade features into home brew equipment to give you the control you need over your brewing process, which allows you to brew like a pro at home. Call us today for quote, or check out our equipment online.

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Why Stout Tanks and Kettles equipment:

  • Craft brewery experts since 2009.

  • Homebrewers since the 80’s.

  • For brewers, by brewers.

  • Sanitary clamp fittings.

  • Hands on support from our experienced team of small brewing experts.

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How we got into the homebrew business:

Growing up in Oregon, our founder John Watt started home brewing early. After running his own commercial craft brewery for a decade, his standards for homebrewing equipment had changed. Nobody was making the professional quality home brewing equipment John wanted in 2009, so he engineered his own. Stout Tanks and Kettles was born in John’s garage out of a love for homebrewing. We were the first to offer a stainless steel conical fermenter for homebrewers utilizing sanitary tri-clamp fittings and valves. The skillfully engineered fermenter eliminated threaded fittings that compromise the quality of the beer and are a hassle to clean. Homebrewers recognized our superior products, which led us to reshape the homebrew market with new kettle designs such as tangential inlets on brew kettles, bottom outlet mash tuns, and hot liquor tanks featuring built-in HERMS coils. Today, we lead the homebrew market in developing new, innovative designs that make us stand out from other products in the industry. Ask about our new line of low oxygen brewing equipment that keeps oxygen completely out of your brews, preserving all the flavors of your beer before it oxidizes away. Stout Tanks and Kettles continues to lead the world in quality and innovation for homebrewers.



Why Stout Tanks and Kettles?

Homebrewing is more than a hobby. Serious homebrewers are obsessed with process, quality, and craft. Stout Tanks and Kettles puts that same obsession to work engineering the best home brew equipment possible. When you love brewing beer, you have to figure out how to make the best, and share it with friends and family. We love beer equipment, and want to share the best with you. From gifts for friends, to profitable brews, you’ll be able to share your talent and passion with the world. For many, homebrewing is the first step to embarking on your dream career. It’s also an investment far more manageable than starting with a full-scale brew pub.





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