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"Brewer's Checklist to Starting a Brewery: Everything You Need to Know"

Join Mike Paladino and Don Marcil as they walk through the 4 phases of opening your own brewery: The Dream, The Paperwork, Putting It All Together, and Up and Running. Download a FREE checklist.


"Ask the Experts: What's The Right System for You?"

Here we discuss the many decisions that come with finding the right system for your brewery. Don Marcil and Mike Paladino cover big questions and nail the small details so you can get the right system to brew the beer you want.



"Brewer Spotlight: Dahlonega Brewery and Etowah Meadery"

This talented and versatile team, located in Dahlonega, GA, churns out award-winning beer and mead with their 3-vessel, 5 bbl brewing system. We are excited to highlight their craft for so many reasons: positive attitudes, outstanding products, not to mention a beautiful location. These folks are a joy to work with and we are proud to supply them with the equipment they need to keep brewing.



"Surviving and Thriving: A Phased Approach to Growing your Brewery"

Join Don Marcil & Mike Paladino of Stout Tanks and Kettles as they discuss the initial steps of opening your brewery and examine the best approaches when business is thriving and it is time to expand.



"Opening a Brewery on a Startup Budget"

There are many important factors to consider when opening your own microbrewery. It is not just about what brewing equipment you will purchase and the styles you will brew. Let's discuss your options and make the best recommendation based on your budget, building, business plan, and specific situation. You have dreamt about opening a brewery for years. Let us help you make it happen.



"Get Smart with Innovation: Do More with the Brewery Space You Have"

Join former pro brewers Mike Paladino and Don Marcil as they discuss the best ways to maximize your current brewery space and reconfigure your batch sizes.



"Add the Pilot Back to Your Brewery - Don't Compromise Your Ability to Adapt and Stay Relevant"

Learn how a pilot brewing system can create demand and help drive the future of your beer, giving you the ability to effectively test batch flavor profiles and new recipes, without interrupting your normal brewing schedule.



"Life as a Startup Brewery During a Pandemic"

Hear from professional brewers as they discuss how they navigated opening their breweries during the pandemic. Listen to each of their experiences; lessons learned and success achieved.



"Customizing a System for Equilibrium Brewery"

With limited space for a brewhouse; our engineers designed a custom 20 bbl brewing system specifically for Equilibrium Brewery's big, high-gravity beers, and their limited, low-ceiling space.



"Hop Farm to Glass"

Hop harvest is the only time of year to make fresh hop beer. We teamed up with Threshold Brewing and Blending here in Portland, OR to present the whole process from start to finish, hop farm to glass.


"Comparing Soft Piping and Hard Piping Options for your Brewery"

Let's discuss the pros and cons of each style, exploring topics such as installation, cost, flexibility, upgrade paths, and aesthetics to help you decide which approach is best for you.



"The Brewers Journey"

This is a high level overview of the major steps needed to go from home brewer / craft beer enthusiast to a professional brewery owner.


"Selecting a Heat Source for your Brewhouse"

Let's discuss the heat options available for your brewhouse and weigh the advantages and drawbacks for each to help you determine which option is right for you.



"Innovating your Cold Side Brewing Equipment"

Your cold side equipment is extremely important to the success of your brewery. Here we offer tips and tricks, discuss multi use vessels and equipment, process improvements and more.



"You Have a Million Questions, We Have Answers"

Let's discuss the successful ways to open your brewery. Learn the pieces of the puzzle and how to put them together. We will go over a checklist of items that are needed whether you are a small nano brewery, brew pub, brewery with taproom or larger distribution brewery.



"Brewery Automation and Controls"

Join Kevin Weaver of Brewmation as he discusses the different automation options for your brewhouse.



"Low Oxygen Brewing"

If you want to make authentic continental lagers, then a proven method is to eliminate oxygen from your brewing process starting with your brewing water and unground malt and ending with wort in the fermenter with less than 1 ppm of dissolved oxygen.  This VBrewCon 2020 webinar discusses how to:

  • Preserve the fresh malt/grain flavor that exists in your malt before you even begin brewing
  • Make authentic Continental style beers
  • Obtain that “lingering fresh grain flavor” you only find in fresh Continental styles
  • Improve the overall quality, flavor, and freshness of all your beers – even ales


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