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Any microbrewery owner that has serious aspirations of seeing increased business needs a reliable pilot system.  Our 1 BBL brewing systems for sale are made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel.  They are easy to clean and contain sanitary welded fittings and hardware.  You won’t find a better quality, more reliable 1BBL brewing system anywhere on the market.  


Looking for a mash tun (with or without rakes and plows), brew kettlehot liquor tankconical fermenterUnitankbrite tank, brew pump, brewery chilling equipmentkeg washer, or UL/cUL controls, we have a variety of options.


Thinking about Opening a Micro Brewery, Nano Brewery, or Brewhouse?  Get a Brewing System Quote (Brewery Financing Options are available

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The above brewing equipment is for brewing and fermenting 1 BBL batches of brew.  We offer not only individual brewing tanks, but also complete turnkey brewing systems including controls, pumps, hoses, glycol chillers, wort chillers, and more.