30 BBL Brewhouse (Steam)
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30 BBL Brewhouse (Steam)

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Our 30 bbl brewhouse is the popular choice for brewers wanting a distributing brewery.  Like all of our brewhouses for sale, this 30 bbl brewing system comes in multi-vessel configurations, with brew kettle, hot liquor tank and mash tun included. 


Choose from various turnkey control methods, including basic or advanced touch-screen panels, HERMS or RIMS, automated wort grant controls, a variable-speed peristaltic pump option and many more.


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  • Material:  Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Note:  This photo is of our very similar 7 bbl brewhouse.  Actual 30 bbl brewhouse dimensions and designs will vary.

There are a million different ways to configure your 30 bbl brewing system.  Here are some of the features included in our 30 bbl brewhouse:

  • Advanced touch-screen controls with remote-control capability
  • Insulated mash tun with rakes, plow and grist hydrator
  • Glass wort grant with automated pump controls
  • Hard piping and platform
  • Stairs with wheels for easy access under platform
  • On demand water supply control optional

Mash tuns can be made with rakes and plow or be hand stirred. We offer skid mount systems in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 bbls.

REMEMBER: We can custom build any brewing system or tank to fit your needs and space. Please contact us directly to discuss your options.


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