4 BBL Brewhouse (Electric, Direct Fire, or InDirect Fire Options)
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4 BBL Brewhouse (Electric, Direct Fire, or InDirect Fire Options)


Like all of our brewhouses, our 4 bbl brewhouse offers the advantages of a fast and easy setup.  It comes pre-piped and, except for utility or steam connections, do not require skilled trades to get going.  This 4 bbl brewing system is excellent for tap room, small brew pub or “proof of concept” brewery.  


This 4 bbl brewing system comes in multi-vessel configurations, with brew kettle and mash tun included.  


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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Note:  This photo is of our very similar 5 bbl brewhouse.  Actual 5 bbl brewhouse dimensions and designs will vary.

There are a million different ways to configure your 4bbl brewhouse.  Here are some of the included features:

  • Advanced touch-screen controls with remote-control capability
  • Insulated mash tun with rakes, plow and grist hydrator
  • Glass wort grant with automated pump controls
  • Hard piping and platform
  • Stairs with wheels for easy access under platform
  • On demand water supply control optional

We offer skid mounted systems with various heating methods including electric, steam and gas fired brewhouses. We also offer various control methods, including  basic or advanced touch-screen panels, HERMS or RIMS, automated wort grant controls, a variable-speed peristaltic pump option and many more. Mash tuns can be made with rakes and plow or be hand stirred. We offer skid mount systems in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 bbls.

REMEMBER: We can customize this brewhouse to fit your brewing style and space. Please contact us directly to discuss your options.


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