Customer Testimonials

Testimonials page from home brewers and commercial brewers using Stout Tanks and Kettles brewing equipment



Our home brewing equipment and commercial brewing equipment is some of the highest quality brewing equipment on the market.  We offer some of the most responsive customer service in the industry and are readily available to talk brewing.  Don't just take our word for it, take theirs:


Chris Sjolin, Founder/Brewer of Cooper Mountain Ale Works in Beaverton, OR:

"I am on my second "professional" system now from Stout Tanks, having recently picked up a full 3BBL setup for my nano brewery. The first 1BBL system purchased in 2014 has lasted us 5 years while we slowly scaled up our recipes and distribution network. After close to 50 faultless brews on the small system, we are ready to pass it on to another developing brewery for many more years of use. When it came time to plan this upgrade, my first call was to Stout, and I stopped by the office several times to plan out our system and get every part of the order just right. The staff was extremely helpful, indulging my abnormal requests to mix and match some components that wouldn't normally be sold together.

Faultless customer service, extremely detailed knowledge of the brewing industry, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this company. I have no doubt that Stout will be my first call when the time comes for out next upgrade."   



Pablo Puig Tress of Las Amarguitas Cervecería in Cordoba (Veracruz), Mexico:

"When it came time to upgrade to a 7bbl brewhouse, I shopped around a bit and ultimately chose to work with Stout Tanks and Kettles because of their reputation for quality equipment and customer service. This was my first experience with Stout Tanks, and it has been an amazing experience so far. I am blown away by the high quality of their brewing equipment and their commitment to my success as a brewer. I have been working with Don, who recently personally flew down to Mexico to help me with the installation of my new 7 bbl brewing system. He walked me through processes, showed me some pro techniques to maximize efficiency, helped me improve my recipes, and remained extremely patient with me as I asked a ton of questions. Don even taught me how to properly count yeast cell counts to improve and ensure consistent fermentation. All around amazing experience with this company!

We will definitely be calling back when it comes time for my next brewhouse upgrade".  



Bawden Street Brewing Company in Ketchikan, AK:

“Hands down, of all the companies I interacted with, the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and most accommodating. They specialize in the small craft brewery...Their knowledge in this area proved invaluable.” 



Victor, 3 BBL brewery in Sweden:

"I can now say I have tested everything and the equipment is top quality!  Brew days are super smooth and I am brewing superb beer that is appreciated by the consumers. Thank you!"   



 Chris Willet of Milford Point Brewing in Milford, CT:

"Stout Tanks are awesome! We love all aspects of your business and service." 



Jason Tennstedt of Unionville Brewing Co. in Unionville, VA:

"When you're building out an awesome bar area you need an awesome system to keep the taps flowing. Unionville Brewing Co has selected Stout Tanks and Kettles as our preferred vendor of choice. Mike Paladino of Stout Tanks was one of the best people to work with! Mike's knowledge helped guide us in the right direction even after Rev 5. I highly recommend you reach out to the Stout Tanks team for your next purchase."



Matt of George Town Brewing Company in Seattle, WA:

"Everyone at the brewery is super impressed with the quality and the build of the fermenters." 


Rebecca Reightley of Kinergy Kombucha in Bend, OR:

"The folks at Stout Tanks and Kettles have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in my new Kombucha endeavor. I couldn't be happier with my new symbiotic fermenter and will be purchasing more equipment as I scale up my production."



J. Edstrom, Homebrewer: 

“I have their 7 gallon conical and I absolutely love it. It works flawlessly every time and it allows us to harvest the yeast, too.  So happy with my purchase." 



Drew at the University of California San Diego in San Diego, CA:

"I want to take a moment to acknowledge the stellar customer service that I have experienced with you and the others at Stout. Not only will I mention this in the various home brewing outlets that I frequently post in, but I will also acknowledge this in the video review that I plan on doing in the future featuring Low-Ox brewing equipment. I think the equipment is top notch." 



A. Hogue, Homebrewer:

"No doubt best kettles and customer service anywhere. Couldn't be Happier."



We bring decades of brewing experience and stand by our company's core value: It's not about selling you a "system," it's about ensuring you get the right system for your needs.  We are passionate about providing you the tools you need to succeed and will be with you every step of the way.