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We are Committed to You and Your Brewing Success

Have you always dreamed of opening your own brewery? We have built hundreds of breweries around the world, and our team of Experienced Brewery Design Consultants are some of the most dedicated in the business. Already have a small brewery?  We can help you take your business to the next level with our state-of-the-art brewing equipment and experienced team of brewery experts.  Whether it’s building out your cellar, starting a pilot system, or automating your controls, we can help.


Unlike other brewery equipment suppliers, we build complete systems with everything you need.  Glycol chillers, direct fire burners, steam boilers, electric elements, pumps and hoses, and complete UL-listed electronic control systems to make your systems made by our strategic partner, Brewmation to make your system run flawlessly.


Whether you are growing your brewery or just getting started, we have the equipment and engineering expertise that can take you to the next level.



We Have the Products you Need to Grow Your Brewery

Need to add fermenters or brite tanks to your cellar?  We have many sizes in stock.  Call today for prices and shipping costs. Want to increase your brewhouse capacity?  Contact us for design assistance.  Need to add a pilot system to experiment with new recipes? We have ½ bbl, 1 bbl and 2 bbl systems ready to go. Want to automate your brewhouse? We can provide the controls and pumps to make brewing easier. And of course if you need to expand your brewhouse, we can design a new system for you.


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How We Got Into the Business Side of Brewing

Our founder, John Watt, grew up in Oregon and started home-brewing early. After a successful career as an engineer for several Fortune 500 companies, he decided to pitch it all and start his own craft brewery in the 1990’s. With a tight budget, John fashioned his own 20 bbl Franken-brew system with a mix of used dairy equipment, a few new brewing tanks and kettles, and a well-used bottling line. He engineered solutions that worked, and his craft distribution brewery took off. After a decade of success, John sold his brewery (it’s still running!) and returned home to Oregon to raise his family. Unable to stop brewing, John was dissatisfied with the quality of stainless steel tanks out there for home brewers and started to design his own equipment in 2009, incorporating everything he learned as a successful craft brewer. Very soon, commercial brewers recognized the quality and designs and reached out to the company for small scale professional systems, and John developed cost effective systems that have helped hundreds of brewers launch the breweries they had long dreamed about. Stout Tanks and Kettles’ equipment uses only the best virgin 304 stainless available with sanitary welds. Never pressed or stamped. Stout uses only sanitary fittings, tri-clamps, and professional features like tangential ports for whirlpooling your trub.


About Our Pro Brewing Equipment

Over the years, we have pioneered industrial grade equipment for the small commercial brewery. From 1 bbl systems and up.  We offer the highest quality small brewery equipment on the market, made with the highest grade virgin 304 stainless steel from only the best sources in the world.  We engineer skid mount or stand-alone brew houses with electric heat, direct fire, or steam systems.  We include glycol chillers, sized to match your growth plans.  We offer jacketed and non-jacketed fermenters and brite tanks in many sizes and shapes to meet your building’s constraints.  We design advanced or basic electronic controls to automate your system as much as you want, and to give you complete control over your process.  Our kegs are the highest quality available anywhere in the world, and we offer embossing, silk screening and striping.  Need kegs in hurry?  We can emboss and ship small orders in a couple of days.  We have engineered our own semi-automatic keg washer to maximize your efficiency and ensure your kegs are as clean as they can be.





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Our Brewery Design Consultants are some of the best in the business.  If you are ready to

take your brewing to the next level, we are ready to start the conversation.


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