Jacketed Conical Fermenters

From home brewing to commercial brewing, we have you covered. When it comes to brewing equipment features and overall value, there is no other fermenter that can compete with a Stout Tanks and Kettles conical fermenter.  Our jacketed conical fermenters, like all Stout Tanks products, are made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel.  The interiors are polished to a mirror finish.  Shadowless manways, racking arms, spray balls, and 4 inch dry hopping ports are included.  The tanks are insulated as well as glycol jacketed.


All of our jacketed fermenters are rated to 15 PSI (higher PSI ratings are available by custom order), and as they come with a carbonation stone port, are uni-tank capable.  Fermenters sized 4 bbls and larger have dual zone jacketing, while 20 bbl and above fermenters come with triple zone jacketing.  Conical bottoms, with a 60 degree cone interior angle, are standard.  


All of our jacketed conical fermenters can easily be converted to Unitanks using our Unitank Parts Kit.  Watch this Unitank Setup video to learn how!

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