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Quality Cider Brewing Equipment, Makes Quality Hard Cider

Stout Tanks and Kettles is located in the beautiful Pacific North West (PNW). We have prized apples, pears, marion berries, blackberries and so much more within minutes of our Portland, Oregon warehouse. All of our commercial grade hard cider brewing tanks for sale are made with virgin AISI 304 stainless steel, never recycled. Our apple cider brewing equipment is welded with a combo of automated robotic welds, hand made welds and performed with tungsten inert gas (TIG) processes. The resulting welds are strong, smooth and sanitary. This equipment manufacturing process will provide years and years of reliable performance for your brewery, and super delicious hard cider.


Making Hard Cider

Precise temperature control, safe and effective cleaning, and trustworthy cider equipment.  Whether you are receiving totes of juice, tankers of juice, pressing your own fruits, we have the ability and cider brewing equipment that can help you achieve your goals.



Our cider brewing equipment is designed to provide lasting value.  We use high quality virgin 304 stainless steel on all our cider tanks. We provide high quality valves and seals so your tanks will perform well through many successful cider making sessions.


More Flexibility

High pressure rated brite tanks allow for precise blending and carbonation. Glycol jacketed brite tanks provide the ability for packaging and racking without the need to stand in a cold room.  We also make single wall brite tanks / serving tanks for use inside of a walk in cooler for less cost. 

Cider making equipment for sale


Easy to Clean

The sanitary welds and smooth, non corrosive surface of our commercial cider brewing equipment makes them very easy to clean. Cider brewing equipment should be easy to use, easy to clean, and always ready for you when you need it.



hard cider brewing equipment


Providing the Right Tools for a Successful Cider Brewery

Our Brewery Design Team not only know about how to make cider but we have professional experience in making cider.  Our professional brewing experience can help with not only choosing the correct cider brewing equipment but also how to use your cider equipment and solidify your SOPS for consistent great tasting cider.  

Our pressure rated conical fermenters are perfect for precise temperature control and yeast separation.  Large 4" "dry hop" ports are great for making your dry hopped cider or perry.  This also comes in handy for enzyme additions, or any adjunct additions as well.  Conical shaped bottoms allow for yeast flocculation and separation for brilliantly clear cider transfer to the brite tank or secondary aging tanks / barrels


When receiving cold or frozen juice we can help with heat transfer to make your cider ready to pitch in less time by heating up juice to pitchable yeast temps. This will cut down tanks time making your cider house run efficient and shorten time in primary fermentation.  This proecss will also help reduce or eliminate possible contamination before yeast pitching. Our pressure rated brite tanks make packaging into kegs, cans or bottles a breeze and margins for the maker are higher with quick turnaround with effective CIP cleaning capabilities allowing for less downtime.

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