CIP Spray Balls

Clean-In-Place (CIP) Spray Balls:

CIP Spray balls are often used with home brewing and commercial brewing equipment to help minimize the amount of physical labor involved in cleaning the inside of your mash tun, conical fermenter, brew kettle, hot liquor tank, brite tank, and hop back.  By using high-velocity water or chemicals on the interior of the brewing vessel, residue is easily removed and the tank is sanitized with ease.  This is essential to flavor consistency, as bacteria accumulation can cause off flavors in your beer.  The CIP spray ball method will save you valuable time, and is significantly safer for brewers as there is very little-to-no hand scrubbing involved and therefore no exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals.


Rotating vs. Fixed / Pin-Style CIP Spray Balls:

A Rotating CIP Spray Ball resembles the motion of a rotating arm of a dish washer, cleaning your brewing equipment with ease.  This is the more popular clean-in-place method. 


Fixed (or Pin-Style) CIP Spray Ball:

Fixed, or Pin-Style, CIP Spray Balls are not as effective as Rotating Spray Balls, as there is not as much water pressure applied to the inside of the brewing vessel.  Fixed CIP Spray balls also run the risk of clogging up, which can create "dead spots."  These clogs will prevent the spray ball from effectively cleaning the entirety of the tank.  Manual cleaning may be necessary in this case.