Mash Tuns

Quality Hardware, Innovative Designs

Our mash tuns are designed to be used with your RIMS/HERMS system.  Tri-clamp fittings near the top of the mash tun are used for recirculating the mash liquid back into the mash tun. Please see our RIMS modules below for heating mash wort with electric systems.

Our mash tuns include the false bottom, sanitary ball valve, hose barb, and clamps.  Like all of our products, you get the best quality hardware and weld quality.  Fittings near the top of the Tun allow you to implement your HERMS/RIMS brewery with class and ease.  You can also use the fitting to attach our sparge arms and/or 90 degree hose barbs to the kettle.

False Bottom Options

The idea behind the false bottom on the bottom outlet kettles is that it can sit flat on the bottom of the kettle and significantly reduce or eliminate the number of grains sneaking past. On the raised false bottoms, there has to be a small gap so you can get it in and out – and some grains can get past that. A good vorlauf will mostly eliminate grains getting by, but some do.  And, check out our new Wedgewire False Bottoms for homebrewers!