Commercial Brewing Equipment

A Growing Demand for Craft Beer

There are thousands of micro breweries and nano breweries around the world, with more opening up every day looking to brew their own beer. The demand is there. The time is now. Let’s get serious about building your brewery. Whether you are just getting started exploring options for your commercial brewing system, or are looking to expand your already established brewhouse, we have the commercial brewing equipment and engineering that can take your brewing to the next level.


All of our commercial beer brewing equipment is made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel, offering superior sanitation and easy cleaning. Safety is a critical aspect of all of our pro beer brewing equipment designs, keeping brewers safer and helping to avoid major hassles at inspection time. Our nano brewing systems are used around the world, and our unique touch screen systems are built specifically to meet the needs of microbreweries, providing sophisticated controls normally only seen in very large commercial breweries.





Why Choose our Commercial Brewing Equipment for your Brewery?


    Our commercial grade stainless steel brewing systems for sale provide the ability to control heat from 0 to 100% (either in 1% increments on our Advanced panel, or infinitely adjustable with the dial on our basic panels.
  • SAFETY: 
    We provide GFCI breakers that meet the NEC requirements for protection of human life on each element circuit for safety and better reliability in a wet brewery environment.
    Our commercial brewing systems have separate GFCI breakers.  On the rare chance that an element fails, your panel will still function,
    and your brew session can continue.
    Our brewing systems for sale have all of the features and benefits of industrial scale brewing equipment, engineered into small brewery systems.
    Our systems have sanitary construction with food grade valves, sanitary welds and tri clamp fittings. Spend less time cleaning, and more time brewing delicious brew.
    Our brewing systems are engineered to commercial standards and are built to last.
    Our Ultra-Low watt density elements, plus our ability to lower the element's power (which makes the watt density proportionally lower with our 0-100% adjustment), there is no scorching or off flavors.
    Unlike our competitors, our commercial brewing systems have solid state relays, with no moving parts. These relays have a much longer lifespan, and will require little to no maintenance in the future.
    With our stainless steel commercial grade brew kettles, you use a low cost condensate stack or steam condenser to vent the steam. Steam MUST be properly ventilated to avoid serious mold and potential health safety issues in your building.

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