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Our team of Brewery Consultants have built hundreds of breweries around the globe, many of which have gone on to win awards for their craft beer. We offer some of the most competitive pricing on commercial brewing equipment with options for Turnkey Electric Brewing Systems up to 15 BBL, Direct Fire and Steam Brewing Systems up to 30 BBL, and Cellar Tanks up to 200 BBL.  Meet our team of Brewery Consultants.


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Our experienced team of Brewery Consultants are some of the best in the business.  Former pro brewers themselves, they will work with you from start to finish, discussuing the in's and out's of designing and purchasing brewing equipment for your new brewery, winery, or production facility. You have the option to request either a Quick Quote or Detailed Quote so that our team can start talking specifics and go over the cost to open a brewery.  Most brewing system quotes are sent out within the same day. 


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Choose the quick quote if you are in the business planning stage, are not yet committed to a location, and are open to changes in equipment in processes that may happen as they move down the path to opening. A Quick Quote will give you a reliable financial quote for a completely functional brewery.  A quick quote will leave you flexibility to make changes to your process or equipment as you make decisions about the kinds of beers you will make and how you want to make them.   


Detailed Quote:

Choose a detailed quote if you are committed to a location that dictates power or space requirements, or have already made certain decisions about how your process will work.  A detailed quote allows you to specify the exact equipment that will fit into the various constraints of your space.  If you have a space, and have already made most of your process and equipment decisions, a detailed quote is for you.    The detailed quote will help educate you as to many (but not all) of the various options and configurations available for your brewhouse.


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