Fermenters (Non Jacketed)

Our Non-Jacketed Fermenters, like all Stout products, are made from 100% brand new, virgin 304 stainless steel.  All fermenters will come with a racking port and a bottom drain port.  The racking port has the ability to use a racking arm for racking the brightest beer while leaving the trub and settled yeast behind.


All of our non-jacketed fermenters are rated for up to 4 PSI, this is just the right amount needed for a closed loop pressure transfer using CO2.  Conical bottoms, with a 60-degree cone interior angle, are standard which assist the yeast to slide down the side after they fall out of suspension.


No other fermenter can compete with a Stout Tanks and Kettles fermenter when it comes to these important features and overall value.