The Gunnison Canning Line | 25-30 Cans per Minute
  • The gunnison canning line for craft beverage makers

The Gunnison Canning Line | 25-30 Cans per Minute


The Gunnison is the most popular canning line built by Twin Monkeys. Its ultra-compact footprint has made it in high demand with mobile canning businesses as well as small and medium-sized craft beverage producers. With options for customization, this canning line can be quickly converted to handle multiple canning diameters and styles.



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Canning Line Specifications:

  • Throughput: 25-30 CPM
  • Can Sizes: Slim, Sleek, Standard, Crowlers
  • Lids: 200, 202, 204, 206 sizes in all styles
  • Dimensions: 52" L x 26" D x 60" H
  • Weight: 450 lbs
  • Construction: Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, food-grade acetal
  • Power: Has both 120V and 230V 1-phase options (50/60hz)
  • CO2: 0.5 CFM @ 20 PSI
  • Controls Air: 1.5 CFM clean dry air @ 90 PSI
  • Beverage Capability: Beer, Wine, Coffee, Kombucha, RTD Cocktails, Soda, Water, THC Infused, CBD infused, Juice

This Canning System is Equipped with:

  • Patented Seamer Technology
  • Lid applicator with CO2 blanket generator
  • Integrated automated tank pressure control
  • TPO pickup as low as 20 PPB
  • Mobile-friendly with locking casters on a movable cart
  • Washdown systems for easy cleaning
  • Quick change out between can diameters

Customize this Canning System:

  • Auto weigh/fill adjust/reject option
  • Integrated date coding
  • Infeed options
  • Final rinse/dry
  • Integrated liquid nitrogen dosing
  • Full guarding cage

Canning Time (hours)
 3 BBL5 BBL7 BBL10 BBL15 BBL20 BBL30 BBL 60 BBL120 BBL

The Mancos

The Eagle2. 
The Gunnison2. 
The Cimarron - 5 Head2.
The Cimarron - 10 Head2.

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