15 BBL Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed)
  • Front view of a stainless steel 15 BBL FERMENTER used in commercial brewing
  • Close up view of the racking arm and butterfly valves on a 15 BBL FERMENTER used in commercial brewing
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15 BBL Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed)


This 15 bbl Conical Fermenter features two zone jacketing in its cone and on the side wall.  It was designed to provide superior performance and will provide optimum control of your fermentation process. 


With the ability to be converted to a Unitank or brite serving tank, this 15 bbl fermenter (fermentor) can also help you save on floor space and increase brewing flexibility.  The two-zone glycol jacketing provides the ability to manage the cone temperature during fermentation and/or keep the beer in the cone cold as it is racked or served.   

Prefer a 15 bbl Unitank?  No problem.  This fermenter can easily be converted to a 15 barrel Unitank using our Unitank Parts Kit.  (Watch this Unitank Setup video to learn how)

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CF15BBL-JKT (8690) 

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Brew length (useful capacity): 15 barrels
  • Note:  This photo is of a standard conical fermenter.  Actual 15 bbl conical fermenter dimensions and designs will vary slightly.  Please call us directly at (503) 372-9580 to confirm details.

Features of this 15 bbl conical fermenter:

  • Glycol Jacketed - two zones: Cone and sidewall
  • Shadowless manway for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable racking arm for clear transfer
  • Sample valve for quality testing
  • Back mounted pressure gauge
  • Adjustable feet for leveling on uneven floors or fine height adjustments
  • Pressure Gauge Type:  Back Mount
  • Can easily be converted to a unitank using our Unitank Parts Kit  (Watch this Unitank Setup video to learn how)
  • CIP arm and spray ball
  • 2 butterfly valves
  • 15 psi rating
  • 1/2" NPT welded thermowell for contactless temperature probe
    • Note: Temp probes are available for purchase separately, with options for single tank-mounted, or multi-tank wirelessly accessible fermentation temperature control panels

15 bbl fermenter dimensions:

  • Tank material thickness is 3mm
  • Jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm.
  • Cone has 60 degree interior angle.
  • Standard dimensions are 51.5-in. diameter x 125-in.H.

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REMEMBER :  All of our jacketed conical fermenters can easily be converted to unitanks using our Unitank Parts Kit.  Please contact us directly for more details (503) 372-9580.