TOP SELLER!! - 7 BBL Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed with Side Manway)
  • View of the top of a jacketed 7 bbl fermenter used to ferment beer and other beverages
  • Front view of a jacketed 7 BBL Fermenter with shadowless manway used by commercial breweries
  • Front view of the open shadowless manway on a jacketed 7 bbl fermenter used in nano brewing
  • 7 BBL Conical Fermenter (Jacketed with Side Manway)
  • 2 inch tri clamp CIP rotating spray ball
  • 1.5" butterfly valve
  • brewery financing options available from Stout Tanks and Kettles

TOP SELLER!! - 7 BBL Fermenter / Unitank (Jacketed with Side Manway)


The mirror polish of our 7 bbl conical fermenter is guaranteed to turn heads in your brewery.  One of our most popular sized fermenters, this tank was designed to provide superior performance and easy yeast dropping and removal, which will give you optimum control of your fermentation process. 


Like all of our jacketed conical fermenters, this 7 barrel fermenter has the ability to be turned into a unitank, which will save valuable floor space in your brewery.  While predominantly used for 7 bbl brew setups, this fermenter (fermentor) can also be used for double batching smaller 3bbl - 3.5 bbl brewing systems.  Watch this Unitank Setup video to learn how.

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Price: $8,398.00

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  • Material: Premium Virgin 304 Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 43.5"
  • Height: 95" (measured to top of CIP arm)

Features of this 7 bbl fermenter: 

  • Side Manway for easy cleaning
  • Racking Arm allows for separation of clear beer from yeast
  • 2 glycol zones (cone and side wall)
  • (2) 1.5" butterfly valves
  • 2" CIP spray ball and pipe
  • 1/4" NPT fitting
  • Top ports for pressure relief valve (pressure relief valve sold separately) and dry hopping
  • Rated to 2-Bar (29 PSI)
  • Can be converted to a unitank using our Unitank Parts Kit  (Watch this Unitank Setup video to learn how)
  • 1/2" NPT welded thermowell for contactless temperature probe
    • Note: Temp probes are available for purchase separately, with options for single tank-mounted, or multi-tank wirelessly accessible fermentation temperature control panels

Jacketed fermenters can be made with standpipe if desired (special order)

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NOTE:  All of our jacketed conical fermenters can easily be converted to a unitank using our Unitank Parts Kit.  Please contact us directly for more information (503) 372-9580.