10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed)
  • 10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed) - front view
  • 10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed)
  • 10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed)
  • 10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed)

10 Gallon Yeast Brink (Non-Jacketed)


Use 10 gallon yeast brink to collect yeast and re-inject yeast into your fresh wort.  The welded on wheels allow the brewer to easily move the yeast brink into the cooler or across brewery directly to fermenter. Roll the yeast brink back into your cold room for yeast storage.

Like our 8 gallon yeast brink, this small yeast brink can also be used as a wort grant, mini one-off test batch fermenter, or yeast prop.  

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YB10NJ-WH (2780)

Price: $1,100.00

Estimated Availability: January 29, 2022

  • Details
  • Material:  Premium virgin 304 stainless steel 
  • Recommended Capacity:  10.3 Gallons

Features fo this 10 gallon yeast brink:

  • Welded on legs for easy maneuverability
  • (2) 1.5in. butterfly valve
  • (1) 1.5in. TC fitting on lid for a PRV or other accessory (not included)
  • (1) 3in. fitting on top with 1/2" x 90 deg. hose barb adapter
  • 1.5" TC outlet on bottom of tank
  • 1.5" TC outlet on cone
  • (1) 1/2" x90° hose barb
  • Clamps
  • Gaskets
  • Removable heavy duty lid allows full cleaning
  • Cone has 76 degree interior angle

Capable of holding 15 psi. Tank ID = 12.6". Tank Max OD = 14.85". Tank Max Width approx. 16.85", excluding push handle. Tank height = 36.5" plus ≈ 6" for the lid.