Wye Fitting | 2" Tri Clamp (304SS)
  • Wye Fitting (2" Tri Clamp, 304SS)

Wye Fitting | 2" Tri Clamp (304SS)


2 inch Wye Fitting

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Connection size: 2 inches

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SP-Y-2TC (18437)

Price: $41.59

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Ball valves can be connected on the ends of CIP piping or non-critical areas of sanitation, as well as in homebrew applications where cost is an important factor. Non-encapsulated tri clamp ball valves offer full port, unobstructed flow and the ability to precisely regulate flow.


The 2-piece seat is a non-encapsulating PTFE seat for inline flow. Liquid can get trapped in the valve body cavity and as a result, in sanitary applications the valve should be disassembled and manually cleaned between uses. This ball valve does not have a locking mechanism.