90° Elbow | 2" Butt Weld (Short, 316SS)
  • This is a photo of a short 90 degree elbow from Ultibend
  • This is another photo of a short 90 degree elbow from Ultibend
  • This is a diagram of a short 90 degree elbow from Ultibend

90° Elbow | 2" Butt Weld (Short, 316SS)


90 Degree Elbow/Bend

  • Short Butt Weld
  • 2 inch Diameter
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 3A Certified
  • Polished inside and outside
  • 1.5D centerline radius


See diagram for dimensions. Made by Ultibend, the most consistent fitting available. Save time and money on installation and welding.

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Price: $10.69

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Ultibend High-Quality Tube Fittings


WALL THICKNESS. Ultibend's high-quality tooling removes scratches in the bends and eliminates the need for buffing to remove internal defects after bending. Other bends are often bent using heavier wall tube and polished back afterwards, resulting in inconsistent wall thickness. This way of internal polishing can also harbor defects on the inside of the bends.


CUT-FACE SQUARENESS. Ultibend’s unique trimming and bending process gives a square-cut face on 3 measures: off-plane, face-to-face and face-to-straight. Other bends can have inconsistencies in cut-face squareness of one or more of the 3 measures noted. Using non-cut-square fittings can cause gaps between the weld face during fit up that will require filling during welding and result in a longer, more complex and expensive install.


BEND ANGLE. Ultibend’s fully servo-controlled benders are bent accurately to 45°, 90° or 180° and maintain consistency, unlike other bends. Under/Overbent fittings can cause the pipe line to become off-square when welded in.