Brewery Glycol Chiller
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Brewery Glycol Chiller

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Chilling Equipment Overview:

  • Ideal for commercial nano breweries and micro breweries.  
  • One size does NOT fit all. 
  • An undersized chilling system will result in consistency problems with your beer. 
  • An oversized chilling system will be inefficient and increase your day to day operating costs. 

Industry Leading Brands Represented:

  • Thermaline
  • Pro Refrigeration

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Common Glycol Chiller Options:

  • Nano 3/4 HP Glycol Chiller (located inside your brewery)
  • Packaged Air Cooled Chillers (located outside or inside)
  • Expandable Packaged Air Cooled Chillers


We size glycol chillers specifically to suit your unique brewing system. This allows for the most efficient and effective operation. To accurately size the glycol chiller correctly we need to know the following:

  • How many tanks (and what size) do you want the system to support initially?
  • How many tanks (and what size) do you want the system to support in the future?
  • Will the system be supporting a two stage wort chiller as well?
  • Does your outside temperature drop below 30-degrees F? If so, how low?

Please remember that it is important to size your brewery chilling system correctly to ensure maximum efficiency.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly (503) 372-9580.