Fermenters (Jacketed)

What to Know Before you Buy

When it comes to the below features and overall value, there is no other fermenter that can compete with a Stout Tanks and Kettles fermenter.

Here are some critical items to consider before purchasing your fermenter:

  1. Is it easy to clean?  Can you reach inside it?
  2. Can you easily inspect it for cleanliness?
  3. Can you see the welds inside the fermenter?
  4. Do you need to remove a lot of parts to clean it?
  5. Are there threaded parts with nooks and crannies that need to be disassembled to ensure cleanliness?
  6. Are the welds generally smooth, without pits?
  7. Can valves be disassembled for cleaning? (this doesn't apply to butterfly valves due to their sanitary design)
  8. Are there non-stainless metal parts, such as legs, that will rust with time and use?
  9. Is it made of premium 304 or 316 stainless steel?  It DOES make a difference, as 304 is preferred for brewing.
  10. Does it include all necessary valves and hose barbs, etc.? 

NOTE:  All of our jacketed conical fermenters can easily be converted to Unitanks using our Unitank Parts Kit.  Please contact us directly for more information (503) 372-9580.