Condenser (for 2-4BBL FLAT TOP Brew Kettles)

Condenser (for 2-4BBL FLAT TOP Brew Kettles)


This premier 304 stainless steel Condensor is designed specifically for 2-4 barrels flat top brew kettles.  The candy cane shape eliminates the steam vent by condensing the steam to water and draining to the floor.  


  • A candy cane shape which is 6' long and attaches to the steam port
  • 2-3 water jets (sold separately), which create negative pressure in the kettle and cool the steam into water
  • Pipe has a 13.7-inch clearance

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SP500CONDENSER (1325) 

Price: $733.95

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  • Condenser pipe
  • (3) TC adapters with 1/4-in
  • NPT Female threads with clamps

You will need to purchase these items from other suppliers:

  • (2) or (3) 90 degree spray nozzles (Mcmaster-Carr P/N 3405K37)
  • (2) or (3) tubing adapters (McMaster P/N 7880T125)
  • 1/4" OD infeed tubing Fits Kettle Stack with 6" TC outlet pipe (flange OD = 6-9/16")

Works with the following products:

Note:  May not fit older Stout Brew Kettles- check steam vent outlet dimensions.  Will not fit on dome top kettles - that part number is SP700CONDENSER.  Please call us directly with any specific questions about this product.

IMPORTANT:  This product is for 2-4 bbl FLAT TOP ONLY brew kettles - does not fit dome top design.

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