Shop Brewing Equipment - by the Gallon

Brewing Equipment by the Gallon

Revolutionize your home brewing and fermenting setup with our professional grade home brewing equipment.  Our Portland, OR warehouse is stocked readily with brewing equipment ready to start brewing.  Whether you are looking for a Brew in a Bag (BIAB), hop backmash tun, brew kettle, hot liquor tank, conical fermenter, Unitank,  brite tank, or brew stand, we have options.


Heating Options for your Home Brew Equipment:  Electric or Direct Fire 

We have a variety of heating options available for your home brew setup.  Our home brewing equipment also provides easy cleaning and sanitation and is made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel.  Spend less time cleaning, and more time brewing delicious craft beer to share with your family and friends.

Choose Your Desired Size:

**NOTE: Size reflects the number of gallons made, not the physical size of the brewing equipment.**