Hose Barb Adapters

Hose Barb adapters are used with tri-clamp fittings to install tri clamp fittings on the ends of your hoses.  Convert all the hoses in your brewery to Tri-Clamp fittings in order to lessen the variety of hose connectors needed in your brewery or commercial facility. 


You can also easily make your own Santoprene/Silicone hoses to any custom length with hose barbs. A variety of hose barb connections allows you to create any type of connection in your brewhouse whether it be from your Hot Liquor Tank to your Mash Tun, or from your Mash Tun to your Boil Kettle.  Making your own hoses allows you the flexibility to place free standing tanks and kettles pretty much anywhere you need them in your brewhouse or commercial facility.


Choose from Straight Hose Barbs, Elbow Hose Barbs and Air Hose Quick Connects.