Hot Liquor Tanks

From home brewing to commercial brewing, we have you covered. If a commercial brewery or home brew setup does not have an on demand hot water heater that can heat water to 170°F, a hot liquor tank (HLT) is an absolute must!  Using a hot liquor tank during the brewing process provides the precious hot water that is needed for any brew day and standard clean in place (CIP) practices.


In addition to heating your strike and sparge water for your mash, you can convert our tanks to HERMS hot liquor tanks courtesy of the option of a HERMS coil (heat exchanging recirculating mash system).  Using a stainless steel coil that is submerged in the hot liquor tank water, the HERMS recirculates the mash wort and is heated up indirectly. Most of our electric hot liquor tanks come with a tangential inlet to re-circulate the hot water and prevent heat stratification.  They can also be offered with insulation to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency.


Our hot liquor tanks can be powered by steam, electric or direct fire (propane or natural gas).

  • The electrically powered tanks have tri-clamp ports that accept electrical heating elements.
  • The steam-powered tanks have a dimpled jacket in which steam can run through.
  • Direct fire tanks have a heat shield and mounting brackets underneath in which a burner can be installed.

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