Wine Tanks and IBCs


Your Choice for Wine Making Equipment, When Quality Matters. Let's Get You Ready for Harvest.

For many years, we have been fueling the explosive growth of craft brewing industries by supplying high quality stainless steel tanks and fermenters at exceptional value to home brewers, commercial brewerskombucha brewers, cold brew coffee brewers and distilleries. We are excited to now offer a line of stainless steel wine tanks designed specifically for small and growing wineries. We have worked with some of the best wine tank manufacturers in Europe to bring you a complete line of wine tanks at an affordable price, with all the features and functionality you need for a successful harvest.


  • In-Stock: We are now stocking a year-round selection of variable capacity wine tanks (also known as stainless steel variable capacity tanks with floating lid).  We can also provide a complete line of pump over wine fermenters and wine storage tanks for both red wine and white wine. 
  • Lasting Value:  Our variable capacity wine tanks are constructed using high quality virgin 304 stainless steel.
  • More Flexibility:  Our floating lid wine tanks are "always full" or as they say in Italy, "sempre pieni."  You can adjust the positioning of the floating lid to eliminate the head space on the wine tank, so your tanks are always the right size and your wine isn't exposed to oxygen, which will help maintain the full flavor of your wine.
  • Easy to Clean:  A wine tank should be easy to use, easy to clean, and always ready for you when you need it.  

Providing the Right Tools for Success

Wine is more than just a beverage, it is a way of life.  By never compromising on quality, award winning wines are created. We feel the same way about our wine tanks. We have worked in the craft beverage industry for years building a reputation for innovation and high-quality stainless steel tanks.  We bring this experience and strong commitment to customer service to the world of wine with a promise to work closely with you to provide the quality wine tanks you will need for many successful harvests.  If you are new to the wine industry, get us involved early in the process of designing your winery.  We can provide guidance and pricing on the tanks to make sure your winery process is as efficient as it can be, and allow you to make the best wine possible.


Pre-Order your Wine Tanks (or) Choose from our In-Stock Options:

We offer various sized flat bottom wine tanks, round bottom wine tanks, and glycol-jacketed variable capacity wine tanks. We can also provide a complete line of pump over wine fermenters and wine storage tanks. Let us know what you need, and we can even custom build a wine tank just for you.