Wort Thief Chiller - Better Than Ice Baths!!
  • Wort Thief Chiller

Wort Thief Chiller - Better Than Ice Baths!!


No more messing around with ice baths to cool your wort.  The Wort Thief Chiller is a great way to efficiently cool your wort sample from boiling (after you pull it from the brew kettle) to (or near) 60° Fahrenheit so that you can take specific gravity / Plato readings.


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Price: $171.00

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  • Material: 304 stainless steel

Features of this wort chiller:

  • Approximately 11 oz. Sample Size
  • 1/4" NPT Cold Water inlet (on bottom)
  • Hose Barb Hot Water outlet (near the top)
  • 1.25" OD Sample Tube x 19.75" Long
  • 2" Diameter x 21" Long (large tube)
  • Legs for mounting

How to Use this Wort Thief Chiller:

  1. Connect the bottom 1/4" NPT fitting to your cold water supply with a ball valve. 
  2. Connect the upper hose barb to a hose that directs the used water to your drain. 
  3. Fill the sample tube with boiling wort and let the cold water flow. 
  4. The cold water flows up past the sample tube and cools the wort down so you can then measure the specific gravity with maximum accuracy