20 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank (Direct Fire)
  • HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI
  • HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI-Valve
  • HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI-Tangential Inlet
  • HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI-Inside

20 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank (Direct Fire)


This 20 gallon Hot Liquor Tank features our latest design improvements. Easy-to-read laser level markings on the inside of the tank replace the sight glass, and we have passed the cost savings of this improvement on in the price. And, we have upgraded the HERMS coil with a larger diameter for faster and more consistent heating.

This premium 304 stainless steel 20 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank features:

  • Thermowell
  • Upsized HERMS Coil
  • Laser Level Markings
  • Tangential Inlet

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HL20TW-HC16-LL-TI (362)

Price: $644.00

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  • Large 5/8" OD (16mm)Stainless HERMS Coil (approx. 45 ft. long)
  • Upper Tangential Inlet for recirculation
  • Laser Markings inside kettle for volume measurements
  • Includes (1) 3/4in. Valve, (3) 1/2in
  • Hose Barbs
  • Clamps/Gaskets

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