Gladiator Keg Washer | 2 Head Semi Auto (240V/1 phase)
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Gladiator Keg Washer | 2 Head Semi Auto (240V/1 phase)

SKU Gladiator 2 Head, 1 phase

We have partnered with Brewmation, the leader in brewing automation, to bring you The Gladiator, a 2-station semi-automatic keg washer is capable of cleaning 2 kegs at a time, for up to 40 kegs/hr.  Save time cleaning kegs using this Semi-Automated 2-Station Keg Washer.  Load 2 kegs, connect the valves, press start and walk away to perform other duties. Software controls ensure that kegs are cleaned repeatably.  Flexible parameter settings allow the user to customize the cleaning regimen per keg type to maximize throughput and cleanliness.   

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Price: $12,990.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel

Features of this keg washer:

  • 2-Station Semi-Automated
  • Washes Up To 40 Kegs Per Hour
  • 1 Phase Version 

The Two Head Semi Automated Keg Cleaner provides these features and benefits: 

  • Compact footprint:  41" Wide x 30" Deep.  (Control Panel extends the width 13” on the right side) 
  • UL and cUL Listed Control Panel with Touch Screen Control 
  • Cleans two kegs simultaneously for up to 40 keg/hr throughput (operator and parameter dependent) 
  • Software controls provide wide range of flexibility - all key cleaning parameters are software controlled including timing 
  • Save parameters per keg type (user defines each desired keg type)  
  • Automated system pressure monitor - unusual pressures will trigger stop 
  • Set desired final CO2 pressure using software control (pressure monitor verifies pressure is reached) 
  • Level sensor in caustic tank prevents element burnout due to low liquid level 
  • Clean and rinse keg spear with low flow operation via speed controlled caustic pump and low flow water inlet 
  • Pause and restart function included 
  • Ensure every keg is sanitized via peristaltic sanitizer pump 
  • Automated caustic temperature control (software controlled parameter setting) 
  • Keg counter tracks the number of kegs cleaned per session 

Utility requirements: 

  • Electric:  208-240V, 1 phase, 50A  (three phase power optional) 
  • Water:  NPT connection, 50-60 psi  
  • Clean Air:  75 to 125 psi @ 15cfm, (regulator with coalescer is supplied)   
  • Regulated CO2:  30 psi 

208-240V / 1 phase / 50 Amps (3 phase available as a different part number). Ship weight 495 lbs 41 x 46 x 51 

Controls made and assembled in New York, NY USA

FOB New York state. 

Please contact us directly for any additional questions regarding this product (503) 372-9580.



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