Keg Washers

Clean and Sanitize Up to 40 Kegs an Hour! Load the kegs, press START and walk away. 
Our Gladiator Keg Washer will do the rest.  We have partnered with Brewmation, the leader in brewing automation, to bring you The Gladiator, a 2-station semi-automatic keg washer capable of
cleaning 2 kegs at a time, for up to 40 kegs/hr.  Spend less time cleaning your kegs, and more time filling them with delicious craft brew.


  • Compact footprint:  41" Wide x 30" Deep.(Control Panel extends the width 13” on the right side) 
  • UL and cUL Listed Control Panel with Touch Screen Control 
  • Save parameters per keg type (user defines each desired keg type)  
  • Automated system pressure monitor - unusual pressures will trigger stop 
  • Level sensor in caustic tank prevents element burnout due to low liquid level 
  • Ensure every keg is sanitized via peristaltic sanitizer pump 
  • Automated caustic temperature control (software controlled parameter setting)