Pilot Brewing Systems

A pilot brewing system is vital to the future success of your brewery, giving you the ability to effectively test batch flavor profiles and new recipes, without interrupting your normal brewing schedule. 


More Flexibility

Pilot brewing systems are a great way to introduce innovative small-batch brews and limited releases to your lineup.  The flexibility of these brewing systems allow you to make smaller batches of beer that are used to supplement your flagship beers, experiment with new recipes, and create the limited/special release beers that will create new buzz for your brewery. 


Minimize your Financial Risk

When brewing beer, every new idea you have may not be a great one.  Even if the beer does turn out as expected, it doesn’t mean that there will be a demand for that specific style or flavor.  In either case, you don’t want to be left with a costly
experiment that went wrong on a commercial scale. 


Scale New Recipes Quickly

Having a pilot brewing system allows you to test and perfect new recipes before scaling them up.  These smaller systems are perfect for one off’s and product development.  Once you have spent time experimenting with flavors and new recipes you will be able to scale up your recipe quickly and produce it on a larger scale.