Inline Sight Glass (1", Short)
  • SP1ISG-SH disassembled

Inline Sight Glass (1", Short)


See your wort or beer as it flows. This sight glass was designed and built for the brewer that wants to monitor the entire brewing process. Install this sight glass on the mash tun to monitor wort clarity, on the output of the boil kettle to monitor flow, or after an inline oxygenation stone to monitor the oxygen bubbles flowing in the wort.

Perfect for homebrew and nanobrew sized equipment.  Install on your mash tun recirculation fitting, mash tun outlet, brew kettle outlet, or inline after your oxygenation stone.

  • Attaches using a 1.5” tri clamp

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SP1ISG-SH (1198) 

Price: $32.59

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  • Dimensions:  2.25" long, with (4) 1/2" wide x 1" long viewing ports
  • OD = 1.5"
  • ID = 7/8" (the same ID as a 1"TC pipe)
  • Attaches using a 1.5” tri clamp